Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today’s CTV Online Poll – Another Attack on Stephen Harper

The broken record that is the liberal mainstream media in Canada is at it again. The liberal media has been at it all day everyday since the spring pushing stories about how Stephen Harper needs to be replaced. Now CTV news is keeping the get Harper agenda alive with today’s poll question. They ask,

“A small but growing number of Conservatives are calling for Stephen Harper to resign. Do you think the party needs a new leader?”

Why is it that CTV only wants to know if Harper should resign? This is the kind of neutrality you almost coming to expect from the liberal media. A small but growing number of people want Stephen Harper to resign. Would you like to jump on the bandwagon too? Answer today’s exciting poll.

Consider Paul Martin and all that he has done for his liberal party. Paul Martin has led the liberals through one multi-billion dollar scandal to another. There was the HRDC boondoggle that cost Canadians $1 billion and the $2 billion gun registry that was supposed to cost only $85 million. There was also the Quebec sponsorship scandal, which cost taxpayers $355 million and represents the biggest vote rigging scandal in Canadian history, and it is certainly the biggest vote rigging scandal for a democracy in recent history.

For all these liberal scandals, Paul Martin was both the Prime Minister and leader of the liberal party or he was the party’s finance minister. During the time of the Quebec vote rigging scandal, Paul Martin was also the Quebec lieutenant of the liberal party. Paul Martin has done more to destroy the reputation of the liberal party than any other leader in history. He has also energized the Quebec separatist movement in a way it has never been before.

Yet despite all this, the liberal media continues, with its unrelenting avalanche of stories that say Stephen Harper needs to be replaced. And the liberal media pulls out the same tricks to push this story. They do man on the street interviews and put people on TV willing to say Harper needs to be replaced. They quote the infamous ‘high level anonymous source’. They conduct a poll asking people if Stephen Harper needs to be replaced. Not Jack Layton. Not Paul Martin. They only commission poll after poll after poll to see if Stephen Harper needs to be replaced.

It is truly amazing that the liberal media can always find nice things to say about the biggest crook we have ever had for a leader, but that same group of journalists cannot find one nice thing to say about a Conservative with integrity.

It is no wonder Brian Mulroney said even Hitler had a reporter say one nice thing about him every 10 years.


At 7:16 p.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

While I in no way am defending the Toronto Stars and the CTVs of this world, and while I hate the Martin-Chretien liberals with a passion, why is it that Harper WILL NOT release ANYTHING resembling a platform? Nobody in Ontario has the slightest clue what he intends to do if he's elected. They consider that suspicious.
I like Harper, but he is an abject failure at articulating what he stands for.

At 7:53 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Come on Breadbasket, this is getting tiresome already. "Stephen Harper has no platform." - oh really?

Here is Stephen Harper's position on every single political issue there is.

If you really believe that Mr. Harper cannot articulate policy, then you watch too much CBC, CTV and read too much Toronto Star and Globe & Mail. I've listened to the man talk in person, he is 100% issue driven and articulates his policy positions very well.

Yet, all the media ever says is, "Stephen Harper has no platform." And the leftist in Canada say "Stephen Harper has no platform."

And round and round we go.

At 8:04 p.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

First of all, that declaration wasn't there last I looked.
Second, one website--and it is admittedly well crafted--does not a presence make. Where is Harper's version of the "little red book?"

At 8:31 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Well that declaration has been on their website since March of this year. That is 7 months now. We refer to the policies that are in it quite frequently and have been all summer.

That policy declaration is the equivalent of a liberal red book. Don't forget, the liberals only release those red books at election time, and we are not yet in an election.

I realize that this policy declaration makes a liar out of everyone that accuses Stephen Harper of having a hidden agenda on the issue of.....(take your pick).....but it is all there.

As for only having a website to get the message out, well that is all the Conservatives have. What else can they do? Certainly you don't expect the CPC to buy a 30 minute slot on TV during prime time to get the message out.

Conservatives don't have the entier goddamn MSM spining stories like they do for the libs and making it sound like the libs have a platform when the libs do not.

The liberals promised to scrap the GST. They lied. They said they were opposed to SSM until the courts imposed it on the nation, then they were for it. The libs claim to be the only federalist option, yet their Quebec vote rigging scandal has made Quebec seperation a vitual certainty within the next 5 years. The libs claim to be the defenders of health care, yet not a single reform has been made to health care and the $25 billion Paul Martin himself cut from the health budget in the 1990s has made ER wait times soar to over 12 hours in some cases. (The media of course blames people who show up to emergency rooms for long ER waits). The liberal media prints endless news stories about how wonderful the libs are when they sign a new health accord and write more cheques, but the system is still broken and not getting better. The libs have been promising a national babysitting program. We still don't have federal babysitters even though money is being spent on it and not one single Canadian has received a babysitter with that money.

Mr. Dithers wets his finger, sticks it in the air to determine policy and the media says what a wonderful job he is doing everytime he writes a cheque, usually to a liberal.

Yet all you ever hear from the media, and leftists in this country, is that Stephen Harper does not have a platform. Unreal!

At 8:59 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mao's "little red-book"?

What's with "progressive's" (commies) and manifesto's, or little red books, anyway?

More mouldy ideas from....the Bread-box.

Michael, I will say one thing....Harper is taking a beating in the 'press'. It'll never stop, and changing Leader's now....assures defeat in the next, suddenly sooner....election.

It's an old refrain now, but we need more balance in our media.

Just look at Adscam....barely a scratch. It's not registering.

I've intentionally and gingerly struck-up the subject with folks in TO. I'm telling you that they have no clue of the magnitude...most have forgotten it, or it was just a political thingie-thing, or whatnot.

Something of a "Twilight Zone" scene, I tell you.

I gotta run now....they're coming to get me!!!



At 9:23 p.m., Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Ken, your failure to pay attention is not Harper's failure to communicate.

Why is it that people insist on rationalising voting Liberal, or at least not voting Conservative.
One thing we know for sure is that if the Conservatives were elected, they would have to be very careful or risk another eternity in the wilderness. Another thing we know for sure is the Liberal history of lies, double dealing and backroom deals. We also know that the Liberals keep taxing us to an ever higher surplus -- at the expense of all of those who think they are 'middle class' but are really the working poor (you know, the folks who drive the SUVs and are mortgaged to their their teeth and have lines of credit etc. The people who've been dumping money into their RRSPs for a couple of decades and who will face a whopping tax bill the moment that money hits air. These are the people who are now facing increasing fuel costs, heating costs etc and who are now being told the government can't do anything about it, and that they should start saving for the increased energy costs this winter -- these folks who are really just a few paycheques, or a minor crisis away from losing it all.
And, there is no indication the Liberals will do anything differently, or even anything they've told us they will -- that we could trust what they say. The 'red book'??? -- you want Stephen Harper to write a little fairy story that he'll never deliver on.
BTW I live in Ontario and although I'm a Blogging Tory, I've done little to find out what Harper would do -- but I know his stand on childcare, the military, the senate and patronage appointments -- and you know what -- even if I didn't -- when are people going to realise that at this point, just about anything is better than the Liberals.
The type of leading, pointed question that CTV asked is evidence of bias. That is the point of Michael's post.
As for Harper -- if he stood on the roof-top and spoke with the eloquence of Churchill, with the charisma of Leo Busgalia and the substance and honesty of Truman -- people would say he was batty for standing on the roof, or that he thinks he's above us all and his climb to the roof-top is his real statement.

At 9:48 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Frank, I have to tell you. I got home from work just as the phone started to right on Tuesday. It was a polling center doing a poll on provincial politics. It was about 30 questions long and covered everything including the Crocus investment scandal here in Manitoba. I gave a textbook reply to every question.

- Strongly approve of Gary Doer
- Stuart Murray is scary
- highest priority more health care spending
- I want more social spending of every kind
- lowest priority tax cuts
- will vote NDP next election

I gave a reply to every question consistant with a big, tax and spend socialist NDP incumbant government. You can expect that poll to be released early next week showing strong approval ratings for socialist NDP premier Gary Doer, because I am not the only right-winger that lies to pollsters to tell them what the left wants to hear.

It happened to David Peterson in 1990. He called an election that was totally unnecesary, because the poll numbers had him blowing the competition out of the water. Not only were the libs wiped out in 1990, but even David Peterson himself lost his seat.

Every election is the same thing. The pollsters said, Ralph Klein didn't stand a chance against the liberals in his first election and he won a majority.

The polls in the last federal election showed the libs doing alot better than they did.

I know as well as you that most Canadians seem ambivalent to all things political, but everytime you get someone that says it's just a political thingy, ask them if they voted in the past or plan to vote this time. Odds are they don't vote and even if they say they plan to vote next time, they probably won't.

At 9:50 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

"As for Harper -- if he stood on the roof-top and spoke with the eloquence of Churchill, with the charisma of Leo Busgalia and the substance and honesty of Truman -- people would say he was batty for standing on the roof, or that he thinks he's above us all and his climb to the roof-top is his real statement."

That is so true Anna. Reminds me of the whole Gurmant Grewal taping affair too. Liberals can lie, break the rules, break the law, violate ethics, but Grewal is the bad guy, because he pushed record. How dare he.

At 9:26 p.m., Blogger Dodos said...

I'll be real honest with you, I just don't like Stephen Harper. I see him talk and I don't like him. He reminds me of the cocky kid in school who really had no reason to be. But I don't like Paul Martin either. He's a spoiled brat. Both of them are talking heads. But Martin comes across better and Harper has not been able to convince people that he isn't scary. There is no doubt the media has helped in that portrayal, but he is just not personable enough to win over the media. Plus, maybe they just don't share his ideology. Who knows. The mainstream press is junk and we all know it.

The reality is that very few voters in this country watch debates, attend political functions or peruse party websites. PM's are elected as a result of 30 second sound bites. Harper comes off worse than Martin. It certainly doesn't help that he says idiotic and hypocrtical things like what he said about the Bloc supporting the ssm bill. People just don't care all that much and the stuffed shirts in Ottawa don't help matters. I read the Conservative website and was nearly bored to tears. Same goes for the Liberal one. It's all political double-speak. Meaningless mumbo-jumbo. Until the Conservatives get a more charasmatic leader who can win over the East, they will forever be in opposition.

At 9:28 p.m., Blogger Dodos said...

And we all know that while the Libs were trying to buy off Grewal, Grewal himself was fishing for a better deal. He would have bolted if the price was right. Don't fool yourself otherwise. This is politics.

At 9:48 p.m., Blogger Raging Ranter said...

So Canadians won't vote for Harper because he "doesn't come across right?" If that's what elections have become, who has the better 20 second soundbites, then this country is really doomed. Who controls which 20 second soundbites we hear? The media does! Harper could have the best goddam soundbites the world has ever heard, but the only people to hear it would be the news editors before they cut and spliced it out of their footage and destroyed the evidence.

Dithers meanwhile, could spend an entire speach stuttering, spitting and farting, but if he managed to put together 20 seconds of coherant text, that's what we'd see on the TV.

At 9:54 p.m., Blogger Raging Ranter said...

And on another note entirely, this latest obsession with the manufactured "leadership challenges" in the Conservative Party are just an attempt by the Liberal media to create a leadership crisis out of thin air. Can you imagine if the whining felch-monkeys calling for Harper's head actually got their way? We'd have to plan a new leadership convention, and meanwhile, Dithers would go an call an election. Or, he'd wait until the new leader was elected, then pounce on an unprepared Bernard Lord or Peter MacKay or whoever, and force them to fight an election before they even had a chance to select their staff. The Libs have done that twice in the past five years for Chrissakes! Does anyone doubt that they're planning it again, if only they can get the Tories to play ball and ditch their leader?

At 10:28 p.m., Blogger Dodos said...

"So Canadians won't vote for Harper because he "doesn't come across right?" If that's what elections have become, who has the better 20 second soundbites, then this country is really doomed. Who controls which 20 second soundbites we hear? The media does! Harper could have the best goddam soundbites the world has ever heard, but the only people to hear it would be the news editors before they cut and spliced it out of their footage and destroyed the evidence."

Yeah, that's pretty much it. The problem is that people don't care about politicians because they are boring. When they speak, they say very little and they are all a bunch of hypocrites. Politics has become such a partisan game, that the truth is nowhere anymore. But the reality of modern life is that people don't have the time to care about politics, let alone the enviornment or the million other issues facing us. Until we get leaders with real charisma and an interesting vision for the country, no one will listen and the Liberals will keep on winning. And no, I don't support the Liberals.

At 1:03 a.m., Blogger Deno said...

" let alone the enviornment or the million other issues facing us. Until we get leaders with real charisma and an interesting vision for the country..."

From what I've read in history books Hitler had great charisma and a strong vision for Germany!

If Canadians do not have the time to choose their leaders wisely then one of these days we may wake up after an election with someone like Hitler

At 1:45 a.m., Blogger Dodos said...

There is no doubt that it is a problem. I do not deny that. But it is the truth. Watch TV for ten minutes and see what people care about. It isn't politics.

At 8:55 a.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

Michael, Canadi-anna, and others here: this may shock you, but I have been a consistent Reform/Alliance/CPC supporter right up to and including the last federal election. I share their views on several issues, tax cuts and justice chief among them.
I still believe it's time for a change, as Martin has "distinguished" himself only by being slightly more bearable to look at than Chretien. And that's some pretty faint praise to damn with, because I *despised* Chretien.
All that said, Harper has done very little to get his message out. A website is great, but where are the press releases? Any communications advisor worth his/her salt would identify Harper's main problem to be communication...and would go a long way towards solving it with weekly press releases. Daily, if necessary.

At 10:54 a.m., Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Ken, if you go to the CPC page, check out the left-hand side where it says "Press Room". You'll note that there are anywhere from 2 to 5 press releases per day. Some of them are inconsequential, but many others are worth reading.
If the MSM is not picking them up, then how is that Harper's fault?
The media decides what's worthy of printing. Sometimes important news or commentary gets pushed aside because of where it comes from, rather than lack of substantive content.
The upshot is that the media creates the news. It takes what it believes should be the 'issue of the day' and pumps it dry, leaving 'boring' (but often valuable information) to rot.
I've no doubt you are a conservative Ken, but the blame Harper attitude is unfortunate coming from within the ranks of conservative thinkers.
Had Harper had major scandals, told major lies, if his personal decisions were sketchy or could bring shame to the party or country -- then, dumping him would be the sane thing to do. Paul Martin has all of the above in his recent history and there are no calls for his head and he's the leader of the country -- do conservatives who call for Harper's resignation not see this?
I've no doubt that the Conservatives will lose the next election and probably they'll lose big. There will be rumination about Harper and the blame will likely be placed at his feet -- but the truth is, there is no one who could lead the Conservatives to victory in the present climate. A person who could win Quebec and Ontario, would likely lose the West, a person who could win the West, would likely lose Quebec and Ontario.
That is the state of our country -- it isn't Harper's fault -- it is the fault of successive Liberal governments who have fractured unity to serve their lust for power.
The provinces are like children, vying for attention and money from an abusive parent who passes out favours based on voting patterns and adherence to a particular dogma.
Politics in this country are not going to get better until the average voter gets his head out of the sand and says 'anything but Liberal'.

At 4:23 p.m., Blogger Dodos said...

Hey, I agree that the Libs need to go. The problem is that most people who vote Liberal do not see the Conservatives as a viable alternative. I wish that there was a more centrist Conservative party with a decent leader to vote for, but there isn't. I know many of you do not want to believe me, but Harper just isn't the guy most people in the middle and on the left will vote for. They need a leader that will help them shed the Alliance image and he is not the guy. You will continue to lose elections and the Libs wil continue to be voted in until this is dealt with.

At 10:49 p.m., Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Ken and Michael at top 7:16 you just have to realize no party is releasing any real platform. It's too soon. The policy will go stale and be ripped apart if exposed now.

There are general policy TV spots on the CPC website but dynamic policy will not show until the race starts.

Now that you think of it.. Dat's de truit, and da truit is da truit as Chretien would

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73s TG


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