Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Senior Liberal lets it all Hang Out

Mike Klander is a senior official in the Liberal Party. He recently started a blog at which offered Canadians more insight into this liberal than they bargained for.

The site includes racist photos posted December 9th, that compare socialist NDP leader Jack Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow, to a dog with a caption that reads, ‘Separated at Birth II’.

On November 28th, Mike Klander posted his top 10 reasons this election will “piss him off”. Number three on that list was “Harper being flanked by the sexy Rona Ambrose at every opportunity”. Number four was “Harper being flanked by the ethnic Rahim Jaffer at every opportunity”.

On November 23rd, he features an article calling socialist NDP leader Jack Layton an a-hole. November 17th, shows four pictures under the title, “Ever Wonder”. In that article, Mike Klander asks the question, “Did you ever wonder why is that when you put a cowboy hat on an actor they look tough and rugged...and when you put one on a politician they look gay?”

Mike Klander wrote another feature article on May 3rd titled, “Furious Fletcher and the stiff”. The article, complete with photo, was in reference to Conservative Health Critic Steven Fletcher’s invitation in April to take the liberal Health Minister outside. The article also had a photo of Stephen Harper. Mike Klander asks the question, “is it just me or does this guy need some better quality embalming fluid?”

When his blog was exposed, Mike Klander deleted it, but not before issuing an apology on December 22 which read,

“It would appear that more people viewed my blog than the small circle of friends it was intented for. I apologize if anyone was offended by my comments...they were meant to be in jest. Anyway, I have removed my previous posts”.

Translation: Mike Klander is sorry he got caught. Usually liberals keep their true feelings to themselves. Canadians are not supposed to know what liberals and their small circle of friends really believe. Unfortunately for Mike, his blog lives on through archives made at Google and screen captures taken by Conservative blogger Steven Taylor.

The website’s biography describes Mike Klander as,

As Executive Director of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Mike was responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the Federal Liberal Party in Ontario. In that capacity he served as Ontario Campaign Director during the 2000 Federal Election Campaign. In his eight years with the organization he held several other positions including Field Organizer, and Director of Field Operations.

Author Paul Wells, writing for MCLEANS.CA describes Klander’s website as quite a bit bigger than beer and popcorn, referring to the comments made by liberal communications director Scott Reid and liberal party strategist John Duffy on the same day.

Campaigning against liberals in an election is so much easier when liberals are honest about who they are and what they believe.

UPDATE: Mike Klander has resigned. The Canadian Press Newswire is now spinning this story. They are saying that Mike Klander was simply a volunteer with the liberal party.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Millennium Blog

We at The Blue Maple Leaf would like to take the time to plug a socially Conservative blog. As the title suggests, The Millennium is a faith based blog rooted in Prophecy. This being the Christmas holiday season, it is worth visiting this site.


Buy the Apple Ken, Not the Orchard

Readers have interesting things to say about the GST vs. personal income tax cut debate. One such comment arrived in The Blue Maple Leaf’s inbox last week. The comment was shocking given all that we have seen from the liberals in their last 12 years in power.

Ken writes:

“From what I gather a 2% cut in the GST is a regressive move and will do nothing to improve productivity, in fact, it could be neutral to positive to productivity. The productivity problem in my view is a bigger problem, without increased productivity there is no way in ensuring a higher level of wealth for all Canadians. This is something which is sadly missed by all parties, except for ... unfortunately ... the liberals who have promised another income tax cut”. – Ken

This author’s reply went like this:


The big thing you are missing in the tax cut debate (GST/personal income) is: Who is making the promise?

The liberals make many outrageous promises, but they never keep them. The liberals came to power in 1993, mostly because they promised to completely eliminate the GST, yet they never even reduced it 1% in 12 years! They promised nationalized childcare, and despite spending $5 billion on that starting this year, it does not exist. They promised a 20% cut to CO2 emissions, and those are up 24%. Liberals call themselves defenders of health care, we now have people dying on hospital waiting lists.

Liberals promised a voice on the world stage, then they under funded the military so badly we can't even get it to theater without an American airlift. Liberals claim to be the only federalist option, yet the Quebec separation movement has never been stronger thanks to AdScam. The liberals promise and promise and promise and say whatever they need to say, but they do the exact opposite.

Imagine you have $5 to your name and someone says to you, "give me $1 and I'll give you a yacht". So you pass the guy a loony, but you never get your yacht. Four years later that same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a mansion." So you give the guy another loony, but you don't get your mansion. Another four years goes by and the same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a Ferrari." So you give the guy another loony, but you never get your Ferrari. Four more years pass and the same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a spaceship". So you give the guy another loony, but you never get your spaceship.

Then a year and a half later, with only a dollar in your pocket, a different guy shows up and says, "Hello. My name is Stephen. If you give me $1, I'll give you an apple". Just then, the guy you have been giving loonies to for the last 12 years says "hurry, I need a loony fast, if you give me one; I'll give you an apple orchard 100 acres in size".

Now imagine if all the 'experts' got together and said, "Well an apple for $1 is a fair price, but when you consider that a 100 acre apple orchard can produce much more than one apple, it would be foolish to simply take an apple and pass up an opportunity to own your own apple orchard. Owning an apple orchard is much more efficient than buying apples for one dollar each".

I think if that guy was you Ken, you would agree with the experts that having an apple orchard is much better than buying apples for a buck a piece and you would echo everything the experts say and all the arguments that they make.

Ken, if you are convinced that the liberal promise to cut personal income taxes by $30 billion is better than the Conservative plan to cut 1% off the GST after the election, with another 1% cut in 5 years, then vote liberal.

A 2% cut to the GST may not be the fantastic, pie in the sky, dream come true tax cut you think it is. But Ken, if you vote for Harper, Canadians WILL see a 1% cut the GST after the election, with another 1% cut in 5 years as promised. If you vote for Martin, you will NEVER see $30 billion in personal income tax cuts EVER.

The liberals simply do not believe in tax cuts for people. The liberals do not believe in giving Canadians money that they will only squander on beer and popcorn. The liberals have looked Canadians in the eye and told them this. The liberals believe in the power of government to cure all of society's ills and the unfortunate reality is that liberal governments need your money to do its work.

As a result, the liberals will never cut your taxes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?

Even though the NDP is a socialist party trying to recreate the former Soviet Union in Canada, sometimes their website does an excellent job of exposing liberals. The following example is one of those times.

The NDP website has an article dated December 10, 2005. The title of the article is, “Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?

The article is based on the ‘30 million plus reasons to vote liberal’ advertisements that began appearing on the liberal website December 5th. The ads try to portray people as ordinary average Canadians that support the liberal party as they offer their reason for that support.

The purpose of the NDP article is to let Canadians know that the people in those ads are anything but ordinary. The people in those ads are actually the liberal insiders that have been doing very well the last 12 years.

The NDP article ends with the following message:

Hey Liberal Party,

After 12 years of scandal and broken promises, there are 30 million reasons why you couldn’t find any average Canadians to appear in your ads.

What’s yours?

This is not the only scandal to be exposed as a result of these liberal ads. Yesterday, readers learned that the Anti-American ad the liberals released on December 16 actually predates the Anti-American rhetoric that Paul Martin began engaging in on December 7th. For more on this scandal click the link and read the article titled, “Did the Liberals Stage a Political Crisis for Partisan Gain?

Oh what a tangled web the liberals weave.

Did the Liberals Stage a Political Crisis for Partisan Gain?

If people are curious to know why more and more Canadians are tuning out the liberal mainstream media and listening to what bloggers are saying, this story is a good example.

On December 7th, liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin used a Montreal conference to suggest that the United States didn’t have a global conscience on the environment. In addition to other bold Anti-American comments Martin made last week, it now seems the liberals were working behind the scenes to antagonize our number one trading partner to spark a phony political crisis.

The result of Paul Martin’s Anti-American language was a strong rebuke from American Ambassador David Wilkins, who said in a speech,

“It may be smart election-year politics to thump your chest and constantly criticize your friend and your No. 1 trading partner, but it is a slippery slope, and all of us should hope that it doesn’t have a long-term impact on the relationship.”

The friends of the liberal party in the liberal mainstream media were all too willing to print stories that trump up the tough talk coming from Paul Martin. Liberal friendly newspapers like our city’s own Winnipeg’s Free Press published articles that showed the liberal leader as someone who was unrepentant. They portrayed Martin as a leader with firm resolve in standing up to the Americans and protecting Canadian interests.

Now, thanks to the work of two Conservative bloggers, Stephen Taylor and Kate McMillan, evidence suggests that the liberals deliberately provoked last week’s phony war of words.

The proof comes in the form of liberal television ads which started appearing on the liberal website on December 5th. The ads feature ordinary Canadians (liberals) talking about 30 million plus reasons to vote liberal. One of the ads features these liberals talking about how wonderful Paul Marin is for standing up to George Bush and protecting Canadian interests.

The Anti-American ad, however, was not posted to the liberal website until December 16th, seemingly as an after thought to the battle of words that was raging last week. However, when comparing the Anti-American ad to the ones that first appeared on the liberal site December 5th, it becomes obvious that the Anti-American ad released December 16th, was made on the same day.

What this means is that the liberals created an Anti-American ad (on or before December 5th) at least two full days before our liberal Prime Minister set out to provoke the United States.

It is absolutely despicable that our liberal leaders would deliberately set out to sour the biggest trading relationship in the world, simply to score a few cheap political points in an election and now we have proof that suggests this is exactly what happened.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Steven Fletcher vs. John Loewen in Charleswood - St. James

Week three of the 2006 election campaign is coming to a close. This week has highlighted the huge difference in core beliefs between Conservatives and liberals. Conservatives, who have faith in Canadian parents to make the right choices for their children, are pledging $1,200 per year for families with children under the age of six. Liberals, who believe in the power of government, have told us that they believe parents will simply squander this money on beer and popcorn.

On a local level, another stark contrast has been highlighted in Winnipeg’s Charleswood – St. James riding. One story by The Winnipeg SUN showed the determination of Conservative candidate Steven Fletcher in overcoming adversity by seeking re-election. Another news story, from the CBC, portrayed his liberal opponent, John Loewen, as a political free-agent, who is looking out for himself.

The difference between Steven Fletcher and the liberal candidate is one of loyalty. And, not just loyalty to a party, but loyalty to a core set of beliefs.

Conservatives believe in the power of individual Canadians. Liberals believe in the power of government.

As such, Conservatives have contempt for big, wasteful, corrupt governments. Liberals have contempt for beer drinking, popcorn eating, coat buying, car driving Canadians.

We have seen these core beliefs highlighted over and over this week, by members of both political parties and we can see this difference in every issue. Conservatives want to cut the GST by a modest 2%. Liberals say even that is too much, the money belongs to government. The Conservatives want to give some money back to parents with young children; the liberals say government can do a better job with that money.

With that in mind, how is it that a candidate can drop their core beliefs and join the liberal party? We all watched as Belinda Stronach jumped on board with the liberals, but she was rewarded with a cabinet seat. Another former Tory, Scott Bryson, also received a cabinet position when he joined the liberals. Former Winnipeg Mayor Glenn Murray walked out of city hall to join the liberals and he was also reward with a patronage appointed to chair the round table on the environment, a position he was not qualified for.

But, national politics is not like the National Hockey League where a player can sign a better contract, change jerseys, and play the same game. We depend on our politicians to uphold the values we have and we elect the politicians with values that we share.

When liberal candidate John Loewen first got into politics, he sat down with Winnipeg SUN columnist Thomas Brodbeck. Mr. Loewen said at the time he was going to fight for real fiscal conservative change -- smaller government, lower taxes and improved climate for business investment.

His record in the Manitoba Legislature shows that he never did live up to that commitment. Instead, Mr. Loewen spent most of his time criticizing Premier Gary Doer’s socialist NDP government for not spending enough! The SUN columnist said in his article that,

“Loewen was a major disappointment as a so-called fiscal conservative, because he isn't one.”

The question is, what is he? Is there anything in John Loewen’s heart that he truly believes, other than personal advancement? His jump from the Manitoba Conservatives to a party as left-wing as the 21st century liberals was a huge leap. Mr. Loewen has proven in deeds that he has no core beliefs. Then again, if John Loewen told us what was in his heart, how could we believe now?

With Steven Fletcher, you know what you are getting. Steven holds forums on the issues that interest Canadians and he invites people to visit his office and take part. Steven was a Manitoba Conservative in his younger days, and he is a Canadian Conservative today.

When it comes to core beliefs, Steven Fletcher is 100% Conservative.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Election Day 14 - When it Sounds to Good to be True

When it Sounds to Good to be True

Canadians who are watching the campaign closely have seen Conservative leader Stephen Harper make many promises. The promises Mr. Harper has made cover many issues including a focus of health care dollars on wait times, $1,200 for parents with children under the age of six and a small 2% cut to the GST over 5 years.

Canadians also watched as Paul Martin made enormous promises to save his minority government, while he did everything to avoid judgment from the Canadian voter. These are the same promises the liberals are now campaigning on and include $30 billion in cuts to income tax, $41 billion to health care and a promise to create an entire national system of early learning and child care, which most estimate would cast another $30 to $40 billion per year if fully implemented.

When you consider all the grand promises the liberals have made and broken in the last four elections, it makes you wonder how they have any credibility left.

The liberals promised back in 1993 to abolish the GST. Not only did they break that promise, but now Paul Martin criticizes Mr. Harper for even suggesting a 2% cut.

The liberals promised to create a national daycare system in 1993 and despite the liberals writing $5 billion in cheques for daycare starting this year, not a single Canadian has received childcare with that money.

The liberals promised to fix the problem of wait times in our health care system. The problem of wait times in health care was a creation of this liberal government when Finance Minister Paul Martin cut funding to health care all through the 1990s.

The liberals promised to fix gun crime with their $2 billion gun registry. Unfortunately, the liberal love-a-perp approach to criminals, complete with faint hope clause, two-thirds time served, suspended sentences, manicures and pedicures and other liberal leniency initiatives have resulted in soaring gun crime and outrage among victims.

All this and the liberals continue to make larger than life promises, and the polls suggest that Canadians are still buying into the fairytale.

When it comes to Conservative promises the experts say that a 2% cut to the GST will not amount to much. The experts tell us that $1,200 to parents will not cover the $8,000 cost of childcare. It may disappoint some that Stephen Harper does not say, “We will spend billions and billions” in every speech, but Stephen is making promises that he will keep.

If only people would consider election promises in terms of retirement savings. We all know that if we work hard and invest a portion of our earnings in a retirement savings plan, we will have enough money at retirement to live comfortably.

BUT, if we play the lotto 6/49, and our numbers come up, we could be uber rich! How many times has someone told you, “You can’t win if you don’t play”? We could be millionaires! We could buy SUVs for every day of the week and live in a big house and travel the world! Life would be so cool. We could be like those people in the lottery commercials and ‘do what you want to do’! We could walk into work and squeeze our boss’s nose and say, “Meep, Meep,” just like the Roadrunner!

The sad reality is that there are more Canadians playing the lottery who will never hit the jackpot, than there are Canadians saving for retirement the boring way. Another sad reality is that more Canadians have voted liberal in the last four elections even though the liberals make huge promises they will never keep.

We all know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

How long will we as a nation keep chasing a fairytale?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Election Day 13 – Liberals Tell Canada What They Really Believe

Not all liberals are liars.

Sure, the liberals told us in 1993 that they would abolish the GST if elected and once elected they reneged. Not only did the liberals not abolish the GST, but they didn’t even lower that tax for Canadians.

The liberals also told Canadians up until 2003 that they were committed to traditional marriage defined as the union of one man and one woman. That was until the activist friends they appointed to the courts imposed a new definition of marriage on the country. After that, the liberals passed same-sex marriage claiming they had no choice.

The most frustrating thing about campaigning against liberals is that they cannot be honest about who they are or what they believe. If only they would take their masks off for one minute, Canadians would see them for what they are. Liberals are the most arrogant group of people on God’s green Earth.

Liberals believe that they alone know what is good for Canadians. Liberal politicians cannot even open their mouths half the time without uttering the words, “Canadians want” or “Canadians believe”. In the mind of a liberal whatever they want is what Canadians want. Whatever they believe is what Canadians believe.

Why can’t liberals simply come out and say that they believe Canadians are stupid? Why won’t a liberal just drop their disguise and tell us that they think we Canadians are just a bunch a beer drinking, popcorn eating loafers that depend on the divine wisdom of a liberal government? Why can’t liberals simply come out and tell Canadians the truth?

Well, not all liberals are liars.

Speaking on national television, liberal strategist Scott Reid opened a window to the world of Canadian liberalism. He was criticizing Stephen Harper’s pledge to put an extra $1,200 per year into the hands of parents with children under the age of six. During the interview he said, “Don't give people $25 a day to blow on beer and popcorn."

When another liberal strategist named John Duffy was asked if he was standing by those comments he replied, “Absolutely. Yes, of course I am! There is nothing to stop people from spending money, under Stephen Harper’s plan, on beer, or popcorn, or a coat, or a car, or anything.”

Even after Paul Martin himself backtracked on the comments of his strategist, the liberal Prime Minister still went on to say that giving money to parents was the wrong idea. Paul Martin and the liberals believe that money should not be put in the hands of Canadian parents. The liberals believe that money should be spent on government run daycare.

The issue of daycare is the best chance we’ve had in a long time to see liberalism for what it is. It is believe that only government, with liberals in charge, can provide solutions for our problems. Liberals believe that only they know what is good for us. Liberals are so arrogant that they believe parents would rather spend money on beer and popcorn, than spend it on their own children.

If only liberals could be this honest all the time.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Election Day 12 - Conservative to Fund the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control

Stephen Harper announced another Conservative initiative in Health Care today.

Speaking in St. Catherines, Ontario, Mr. Harper announced $250 million dollars of federal money to fully fund a plan of cancer information sharing.

This system of information sharing is known as The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. It involves a computerized internet database which keeps Canadians up to date on many kinds of cancer treatments that affect Canadians.

The decision to fully fund the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control is consistent with the core belief of Conservatives, which is to empower people. Funding this network of information sharing will empower doctors, nurses, scientists and patients to access all the cancer information they need in one place.

The Conservative plan does not build a new level of government, nor was it the creation of a political committee working in a vacuum in Ottawa. This is a plan created by over 700 cancer survivors and experts and it is a model for an effective national disease strategy.

In June of this year, our very own Conservative MP Steven Fletcher introduced a motion to fund this national strategy. At the time, all Members of Parliament voted in favor of the motion including members of the liberal and socialist NDP parties. Once the motion was passed, the liberals would not fully fund it. An elected Conservative government will fund this strategy.

Faith in Canadians is a Conservative belief and funding their ideas is a strategy that works.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Election Day 7 - $1,200 Conservative Childcare Benefit

The second week of the 2006 election campaign is starting much like the first. Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper today made another major announcement in the Conservative Party’s platform, this time, on childcare.

The Conservative plan calls for the federal government to give parents $1200 per year for every child under the age of six. This money will be paid directly to parents and will apply to an estimated 2 million children of pre-school age.

For those Canadians who may not understand politics, the issue of childcare is the best opportunity to show the difference between liberals and Conservatives.

Liberalism is a left-wing ideology. Liberals believe in the power of government to solve the problems of Canadians. Liberals favor a big government with lots of social programs. The obvious trade off to having a big government is that our taxes are outrageously high. This is the reason Paul Martin gets really upset when Stephen Harper proposes to reduce the GST by 1%. Liberals believe that they alone know how best to spend our money.

Conservative is right-wing ideology. Conservatives believe in empowering Canadians to live independent of government. Conservatives favor a smaller government and lower taxes. This is why Stephen Harper announced a plan to lower the GST by 2% and it is why we favor a $1,200 per year benefit for parents with children under the age of six. Conservatives will implement this plan, because they know that government bureaucrats are not the people best suited to raise our children. The people best suited to raise our children are the mothers and fathers who bring those children into the world.

If Canadians want to use their $1,200 to have their child raised by a baby sitter that is their choice. If Canadian families choose to sacrifice a second income while one parent stays at home to raise a child themselves, that is their choice. If a Canadian family chooses to earn two incomes while a friend or relative looks after their child that is their choice.

Make no mistake; the liberal plan to crate a nationalized babysitting program has one ultimate goal. That goal is to create another government program that Canadians will become dependant on. Bureaucrats in Ottawa will again usurp the role of the parent and gain control over one more aspect of our lives. Liberal politicians will decide who qualifies for a space in their program. Liberal politicians will eventually set all the rules and decide everything, from who can certify to work in childcare to what childcare facilities can get funding.

Make no mistake; the Conservative plan to give $1,200 per year to Canadian families for children under the age of six also has a goal. That goal is to empower Canadian families to make their own choices for their children. Conservatives want to strengthen families and foster independence from government. Conservatives never want to see the day where government workers are the ones to hear our child’s first words or watch our children take their first steps. As Conservatives we believe Canadians are intelligent enough and loving enough to make choices for their children that are best for them.

For parents of Canadian families, this $1,200 is for you.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Election Day 5 – Conservatives Pledge Mandatory Minimums

Crime in Canada is a growing problem. Since the liberals took power twelve years ago, justice in Canada has become a joke.

In the last decade, we have seen a schoolgirl killer set free on society, to enjoy Iced Cappuccinos at her favorite donut store.

We have seen an admitted pedophile convince a liberal activist judge on the Supreme Court of British Columbia that limiting possession of child pornography is a violation of a Canadian’s right to freedom of expression.

We have seen the only person convicted in the $355 million sponsorship scandal also set free. The condition of his release was community service, a curfew and some public speaking about his experience. He received this sentence for defrauding Canadian taxpayers of $1.5 million.

We have seen a convicted jewel thief, who was a Member of Parliament for the socialist NDP set-free with a conditional sentence after pleading guilty to theft over $5,000. He did not even receive a criminal record for stealing a $50,000 diamond ring.

We have also seen an explosion of drug use in this country since the liberals took office. Record drug busts by the RCMP are announced all the time. Canadians are getting caught with entire marijuana jungles in their homes. People in the drug trade who manufacture and sell drugs are receiving sentences far too lenient for them to be deterred, given the billions of dollars that can be made in the drug trade.

The liberal response to drug use has been to decriminalize it. They have used taxpayer money to create their own federal government marijuana grow-op in the abandoned mines of Flin Flon, Manitoba. They have used taxpayer money to open up shooting galleries, where heroin addicts can access free heroin and break the law by injecting drugs under the supervision of doctors and nurses diverted from our under funded health care system.

The concept of actually being punished for committing a crime in Canada has become a forgotten concept under liberal leadership.

As Conservatives, we are a practical breed. We don’t believe in wasting all our time and energy on trying to understand criminals. We believe in taking them out of society and locking them up so that they cannot hurt the law abiding Canadians that make up the vast majority of the population.

The Conservative plan to enforce minimum sentences for drug crime is a good example. You break the drug Laws and you will go to jail. You will not get out before your time is served. And, you will not get a lesser sentence than two full years in jail no matter what your lawyer says about your level of remorse.

We have long past the time where tougher sentencing laws are needed to combat the liberal approach to crime that has fostered a growth of drug use in this country.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Election Day 4 - Health Care Wait Times

Today marks the fourth day of the 2006 election campaign. It also marks the fourth major announcement of the Conservative party.

Speaking in Winnipeg, Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper unveiled his plan to deal with hospital wait times. Mr. Harper was introduced by the Conservative MP and health critic for Charleswood - St. James – Assiniboia, our very own Steven Fletcher.

Stephen Harper’s speech was very frank and to the point. He spoke not as a politician, but rather as a father who understands the importance of a strong health care system. Like all of us, he knows what it is like to bring his son and daughter to the emergency room. He knows what it is like to wait for hours in a doctor’s office. All this, and Stephen Harper knows his family is one of the lucky ones.

Since the liberals took power in the early 1990s, the number of Canadians who do not have a family doctor has grown to 1.2 million people. Seniors say, it is becoming harder and harder to see a specialist. Families are saying that they have to wait longer and longer for treatment, and they are right. Since the liberals took power, the average wait time for treatment has doubled to 18 weeks. Yet, Stephen Harper was quick to point out that health care is not a partisan campaign issue. This is an issue that concerns anyone that ever gets ill.

More than that, health care has become an issue of basic human rights. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Canada found that Canadians are suffering, and some of us are even dying on waiting lists. As the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Herself wrote, “Access to a waiting list is not access to health care. The suffering of Canadians on a waiting list violates the basic right of Canadians to security of the person.”

As a result, the Court has given governments one year to address the problem. Governments have no choice.

Patients have been saying this. Doctors and nurses have been saying this, and now the Court has confirmed that a government monopoly on health care must be used to provide people with an essential service. It cannot be used to deny it to them. Mr. Harper then added that we must fix the health care system or we risk losing meaningful public health care in this country.

In his speech, Stephen Harper reaffirmed the Conservative Party’s commitment to the Canada Health Act. He reaffirmed the Canadian principle that all Canadians should have equal access to health care regardless of a person’s ability to pay. Stephen made it very clear that if elected, there would not be a parallel private health care system.

With that in mind, he unveiled the Conservative plan to deal with long wait times in this country, while making it painfully clear that there is no quick fix for health care. The problems in our health care system cannot be fixed by making more promises or throwing more money at the system. The health care system in Canada is broken and it needs reform.

The Conservative plan involves focusing the resources of government on the core promises that governments have made. This will involve real reform and real change.

Stephen Harper stated his promise this way:

“The concept of the guarantee is that patients must be able to receive treatment in a medically acceptable, maximum time, for those services that are publicly insured. If this is not available in their own area, they must be given the option of receiving treatment at another hospital or clinic, even if that means going outside of their home Province.”

With the announcement of this sound Conservative plan to reform health care, the left in this country will have to be more creative than simply accusing Conservatives of wanting to destroy health care through privatization.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Election Day 3 – Conservative Promise to Lower GST to 5%

Today is Day three of the 2006 election and Conservative leader Stephen Harper today announced his plan to lower the goods and services tax to 5%.

The plan is in two parts. The first part calls for a Conservative government to reduce the 7% GST by 1% immediately after elected. The second part would have the Conservatives reduce the GST by a further 1% within 5 years.

The goal of this plan is to provide Canadians with the broadest form of tax relief possible. The Goods and Services Tax is one that every Canadian pays. As finance Minister in the 1990s, Paul Martin himself called the GST a regressive tax. In fact, the liberals came to power in 1993, in part, because they promised to eliminate the GST altogether. Naturally, once the liberals were elected they broke that promise completely.

Fast forward 12 years and Paul Martin now finds himself in the position were he is actually defending the GST. Speaking to reporters, Paul Martin said that cutting the GST was wrong. “I don’t believe that is the path to follow,” Martin said.

This Conservative plan is not as bold as the liberal election promise of eliminating the GST, but this small tax cut is a promise that the Conservative will deliver on. The Conservatives are only calling for a small 2% cut on the sales tax over 5 years. Yet, the tax and spend liberal party cannot even tolerate a small cut in taxes that would return even a small amount of money back to the hard working men and women of this country.

In the end, this announcement exposes liberals once again for who they are. They vowed to eliminate the GST. Once elected, the liberals make excuses and criticize anyone who would dare even reduce the GST. The liberals do one thing and say another, but Canadians need to know that politicians are NOT all this way.

And, when Canadians elect a Conservative government, they will learn this for themselves every time they spend their money.