Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Senior Liberal lets it all Hang Out

Mike Klander is a senior official in the Liberal Party. He recently started a blog at which offered Canadians more insight into this liberal than they bargained for.

The site includes racist photos posted December 9th, that compare socialist NDP leader Jack Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow, to a dog with a caption that reads, ‘Separated at Birth II’.

On November 28th, Mike Klander posted his top 10 reasons this election will “piss him off”. Number three on that list was “Harper being flanked by the sexy Rona Ambrose at every opportunity”. Number four was “Harper being flanked by the ethnic Rahim Jaffer at every opportunity”.

On November 23rd, he features an article calling socialist NDP leader Jack Layton an a-hole. November 17th, shows four pictures under the title, “Ever Wonder”. In that article, Mike Klander asks the question, “Did you ever wonder why is that when you put a cowboy hat on an actor they look tough and rugged...and when you put one on a politician they look gay?”

Mike Klander wrote another feature article on May 3rd titled, “Furious Fletcher and the stiff”. The article, complete with photo, was in reference to Conservative Health Critic Steven Fletcher’s invitation in April to take the liberal Health Minister outside. The article also had a photo of Stephen Harper. Mike Klander asks the question, “is it just me or does this guy need some better quality embalming fluid?”

When his blog was exposed, Mike Klander deleted it, but not before issuing an apology on December 22 which read,

“It would appear that more people viewed my blog than the small circle of friends it was intented for. I apologize if anyone was offended by my comments...they were meant to be in jest. Anyway, I have removed my previous posts”.

Translation: Mike Klander is sorry he got caught. Usually liberals keep their true feelings to themselves. Canadians are not supposed to know what liberals and their small circle of friends really believe. Unfortunately for Mike, his blog lives on through archives made at Google and screen captures taken by Conservative blogger Steven Taylor.

The website’s biography describes Mike Klander as,

As Executive Director of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Mike was responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the Federal Liberal Party in Ontario. In that capacity he served as Ontario Campaign Director during the 2000 Federal Election Campaign. In his eight years with the organization he held several other positions including Field Organizer, and Director of Field Operations.

Author Paul Wells, writing for MCLEANS.CA describes Klander’s website as quite a bit bigger than beer and popcorn, referring to the comments made by liberal communications director Scott Reid and liberal party strategist John Duffy on the same day.

Campaigning against liberals in an election is so much easier when liberals are honest about who they are and what they believe.

UPDATE: Mike Klander has resigned. The Canadian Press Newswire is now spinning this story. They are saying that Mike Klander was simply a volunteer with the liberal party.


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