Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?

Even though the NDP is a socialist party trying to recreate the former Soviet Union in Canada, sometimes their website does an excellent job of exposing liberals. The following example is one of those times.

The NDP website has an article dated December 10, 2005. The title of the article is, “Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?

The article is based on the ‘30 million plus reasons to vote liberal’ advertisements that began appearing on the liberal website December 5th. The ads try to portray people as ordinary average Canadians that support the liberal party as they offer their reason for that support.

The purpose of the NDP article is to let Canadians know that the people in those ads are anything but ordinary. The people in those ads are actually the liberal insiders that have been doing very well the last 12 years.

The NDP article ends with the following message:

Hey Liberal Party,

After 12 years of scandal and broken promises, there are 30 million reasons why you couldn’t find any average Canadians to appear in your ads.

What’s yours?

This is not the only scandal to be exposed as a result of these liberal ads. Yesterday, readers learned that the Anti-American ad the liberals released on December 16 actually predates the Anti-American rhetoric that Paul Martin began engaging in on December 7th. For more on this scandal click the link and read the article titled, “Did the Liberals Stage a Political Crisis for Partisan Gain?

Oh what a tangled web the liberals weave.


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