Sunday, December 25, 2005

Buy the Apple Ken, Not the Orchard

Readers have interesting things to say about the GST vs. personal income tax cut debate. One such comment arrived in The Blue Maple Leaf’s inbox last week. The comment was shocking given all that we have seen from the liberals in their last 12 years in power.

Ken writes:

“From what I gather a 2% cut in the GST is a regressive move and will do nothing to improve productivity, in fact, it could be neutral to positive to productivity. The productivity problem in my view is a bigger problem, without increased productivity there is no way in ensuring a higher level of wealth for all Canadians. This is something which is sadly missed by all parties, except for ... unfortunately ... the liberals who have promised another income tax cut”. – Ken

This author’s reply went like this:


The big thing you are missing in the tax cut debate (GST/personal income) is: Who is making the promise?

The liberals make many outrageous promises, but they never keep them. The liberals came to power in 1993, mostly because they promised to completely eliminate the GST, yet they never even reduced it 1% in 12 years! They promised nationalized childcare, and despite spending $5 billion on that starting this year, it does not exist. They promised a 20% cut to CO2 emissions, and those are up 24%. Liberals call themselves defenders of health care, we now have people dying on hospital waiting lists.

Liberals promised a voice on the world stage, then they under funded the military so badly we can't even get it to theater without an American airlift. Liberals claim to be the only federalist option, yet the Quebec separation movement has never been stronger thanks to AdScam. The liberals promise and promise and promise and say whatever they need to say, but they do the exact opposite.

Imagine you have $5 to your name and someone says to you, "give me $1 and I'll give you a yacht". So you pass the guy a loony, but you never get your yacht. Four years later that same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a mansion." So you give the guy another loony, but you don't get your mansion. Another four years goes by and the same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a Ferrari." So you give the guy another loony, but you never get your Ferrari. Four more years pass and the same guy says, "Give me $1 and I'll give you a spaceship". So you give the guy another loony, but you never get your spaceship.

Then a year and a half later, with only a dollar in your pocket, a different guy shows up and says, "Hello. My name is Stephen. If you give me $1, I'll give you an apple". Just then, the guy you have been giving loonies to for the last 12 years says "hurry, I need a loony fast, if you give me one; I'll give you an apple orchard 100 acres in size".

Now imagine if all the 'experts' got together and said, "Well an apple for $1 is a fair price, but when you consider that a 100 acre apple orchard can produce much more than one apple, it would be foolish to simply take an apple and pass up an opportunity to own your own apple orchard. Owning an apple orchard is much more efficient than buying apples for one dollar each".

I think if that guy was you Ken, you would agree with the experts that having an apple orchard is much better than buying apples for a buck a piece and you would echo everything the experts say and all the arguments that they make.

Ken, if you are convinced that the liberal promise to cut personal income taxes by $30 billion is better than the Conservative plan to cut 1% off the GST after the election, with another 1% cut in 5 years, then vote liberal.

A 2% cut to the GST may not be the fantastic, pie in the sky, dream come true tax cut you think it is. But Ken, if you vote for Harper, Canadians WILL see a 1% cut the GST after the election, with another 1% cut in 5 years as promised. If you vote for Martin, you will NEVER see $30 billion in personal income tax cuts EVER.

The liberals simply do not believe in tax cuts for people. The liberals do not believe in giving Canadians money that they will only squander on beer and popcorn. The liberals have looked Canadians in the eye and told them this. The liberals believe in the power of government to cure all of society's ills and the unfortunate reality is that liberal governments need your money to do its work.

As a result, the liberals will never cut your taxes.


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