Saturday, December 10, 2005

Election Day 12 - Conservative to Fund the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control

Stephen Harper announced another Conservative initiative in Health Care today.

Speaking in St. Catherines, Ontario, Mr. Harper announced $250 million dollars of federal money to fully fund a plan of cancer information sharing.

This system of information sharing is known as The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. It involves a computerized internet database which keeps Canadians up to date on many kinds of cancer treatments that affect Canadians.

The decision to fully fund the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control is consistent with the core belief of Conservatives, which is to empower people. Funding this network of information sharing will empower doctors, nurses, scientists and patients to access all the cancer information they need in one place.

The Conservative plan does not build a new level of government, nor was it the creation of a political committee working in a vacuum in Ottawa. This is a plan created by over 700 cancer survivors and experts and it is a model for an effective national disease strategy.

In June of this year, our very own Conservative MP Steven Fletcher introduced a motion to fund this national strategy. At the time, all Members of Parliament voted in favor of the motion including members of the liberal and socialist NDP parties. Once the motion was passed, the liberals would not fully fund it. An elected Conservative government will fund this strategy.

Faith in Canadians is a Conservative belief and funding their ideas is a strategy that works.


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