Sunday, December 11, 2005

Election Day 13 – Liberals Tell Canada What They Really Believe

Not all liberals are liars.

Sure, the liberals told us in 1993 that they would abolish the GST if elected and once elected they reneged. Not only did the liberals not abolish the GST, but they didn’t even lower that tax for Canadians.

The liberals also told Canadians up until 2003 that they were committed to traditional marriage defined as the union of one man and one woman. That was until the activist friends they appointed to the courts imposed a new definition of marriage on the country. After that, the liberals passed same-sex marriage claiming they had no choice.

The most frustrating thing about campaigning against liberals is that they cannot be honest about who they are or what they believe. If only they would take their masks off for one minute, Canadians would see them for what they are. Liberals are the most arrogant group of people on God’s green Earth.

Liberals believe that they alone know what is good for Canadians. Liberal politicians cannot even open their mouths half the time without uttering the words, “Canadians want” or “Canadians believe”. In the mind of a liberal whatever they want is what Canadians want. Whatever they believe is what Canadians believe.

Why can’t liberals simply come out and say that they believe Canadians are stupid? Why won’t a liberal just drop their disguise and tell us that they think we Canadians are just a bunch a beer drinking, popcorn eating loafers that depend on the divine wisdom of a liberal government? Why can’t liberals simply come out and tell Canadians the truth?

Well, not all liberals are liars.

Speaking on national television, liberal strategist Scott Reid opened a window to the world of Canadian liberalism. He was criticizing Stephen Harper’s pledge to put an extra $1,200 per year into the hands of parents with children under the age of six. During the interview he said, “Don't give people $25 a day to blow on beer and popcorn."

When another liberal strategist named John Duffy was asked if he was standing by those comments he replied, “Absolutely. Yes, of course I am! There is nothing to stop people from spending money, under Stephen Harper’s plan, on beer, or popcorn, or a coat, or a car, or anything.”

Even after Paul Martin himself backtracked on the comments of his strategist, the liberal Prime Minister still went on to say that giving money to parents was the wrong idea. Paul Martin and the liberals believe that money should not be put in the hands of Canadian parents. The liberals believe that money should be spent on government run daycare.

The issue of daycare is the best chance we’ve had in a long time to see liberalism for what it is. It is believe that only government, with liberals in charge, can provide solutions for our problems. Liberals believe that only they know what is good for us. Liberals are so arrogant that they believe parents would rather spend money on beer and popcorn, than spend it on their own children.

If only liberals could be this honest all the time.


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