Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Election Day 14 - When it Sounds to Good to be True

When it Sounds to Good to be True

Canadians who are watching the campaign closely have seen Conservative leader Stephen Harper make many promises. The promises Mr. Harper has made cover many issues including a focus of health care dollars on wait times, $1,200 for parents with children under the age of six and a small 2% cut to the GST over 5 years.

Canadians also watched as Paul Martin made enormous promises to save his minority government, while he did everything to avoid judgment from the Canadian voter. These are the same promises the liberals are now campaigning on and include $30 billion in cuts to income tax, $41 billion to health care and a promise to create an entire national system of early learning and child care, which most estimate would cast another $30 to $40 billion per year if fully implemented.

When you consider all the grand promises the liberals have made and broken in the last four elections, it makes you wonder how they have any credibility left.

The liberals promised back in 1993 to abolish the GST. Not only did they break that promise, but now Paul Martin criticizes Mr. Harper for even suggesting a 2% cut.

The liberals promised to create a national daycare system in 1993 and despite the liberals writing $5 billion in cheques for daycare starting this year, not a single Canadian has received childcare with that money.

The liberals promised to fix the problem of wait times in our health care system. The problem of wait times in health care was a creation of this liberal government when Finance Minister Paul Martin cut funding to health care all through the 1990s.

The liberals promised to fix gun crime with their $2 billion gun registry. Unfortunately, the liberal love-a-perp approach to criminals, complete with faint hope clause, two-thirds time served, suspended sentences, manicures and pedicures and other liberal leniency initiatives have resulted in soaring gun crime and outrage among victims.

All this and the liberals continue to make larger than life promises, and the polls suggest that Canadians are still buying into the fairytale.

When it comes to Conservative promises the experts say that a 2% cut to the GST will not amount to much. The experts tell us that $1,200 to parents will not cover the $8,000 cost of childcare. It may disappoint some that Stephen Harper does not say, “We will spend billions and billions” in every speech, but Stephen is making promises that he will keep.

If only people would consider election promises in terms of retirement savings. We all know that if we work hard and invest a portion of our earnings in a retirement savings plan, we will have enough money at retirement to live comfortably.

BUT, if we play the lotto 6/49, and our numbers come up, we could be uber rich! How many times has someone told you, “You can’t win if you don’t play”? We could be millionaires! We could buy SUVs for every day of the week and live in a big house and travel the world! Life would be so cool. We could be like those people in the lottery commercials and ‘do what you want to do’! We could walk into work and squeeze our boss’s nose and say, “Meep, Meep,” just like the Roadrunner!

The sad reality is that there are more Canadians playing the lottery who will never hit the jackpot, than there are Canadians saving for retirement the boring way. Another sad reality is that more Canadians have voted liberal in the last four elections even though the liberals make huge promises they will never keep.

We all know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

How long will we as a nation keep chasing a fairytale?


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