Thursday, December 01, 2005

Election Day 3 – Conservative Promise to Lower GST to 5%

Today is Day three of the 2006 election and Conservative leader Stephen Harper today announced his plan to lower the goods and services tax to 5%.

The plan is in two parts. The first part calls for a Conservative government to reduce the 7% GST by 1% immediately after elected. The second part would have the Conservatives reduce the GST by a further 1% within 5 years.

The goal of this plan is to provide Canadians with the broadest form of tax relief possible. The Goods and Services Tax is one that every Canadian pays. As finance Minister in the 1990s, Paul Martin himself called the GST a regressive tax. In fact, the liberals came to power in 1993, in part, because they promised to eliminate the GST altogether. Naturally, once the liberals were elected they broke that promise completely.

Fast forward 12 years and Paul Martin now finds himself in the position were he is actually defending the GST. Speaking to reporters, Paul Martin said that cutting the GST was wrong. “I don’t believe that is the path to follow,” Martin said.

This Conservative plan is not as bold as the liberal election promise of eliminating the GST, but this small tax cut is a promise that the Conservative will deliver on. The Conservatives are only calling for a small 2% cut on the sales tax over 5 years. Yet, the tax and spend liberal party cannot even tolerate a small cut in taxes that would return even a small amount of money back to the hard working men and women of this country.

In the end, this announcement exposes liberals once again for who they are. They vowed to eliminate the GST. Once elected, the liberals make excuses and criticize anyone who would dare even reduce the GST. The liberals do one thing and say another, but Canadians need to know that politicians are NOT all this way.

And, when Canadians elect a Conservative government, they will learn this for themselves every time they spend their money.


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