Saturday, December 03, 2005

Election Day 5 – Conservatives Pledge Mandatory Minimums

Crime in Canada is a growing problem. Since the liberals took power twelve years ago, justice in Canada has become a joke.

In the last decade, we have seen a schoolgirl killer set free on society, to enjoy Iced Cappuccinos at her favorite donut store.

We have seen an admitted pedophile convince a liberal activist judge on the Supreme Court of British Columbia that limiting possession of child pornography is a violation of a Canadian’s right to freedom of expression.

We have seen the only person convicted in the $355 million sponsorship scandal also set free. The condition of his release was community service, a curfew and some public speaking about his experience. He received this sentence for defrauding Canadian taxpayers of $1.5 million.

We have seen a convicted jewel thief, who was a Member of Parliament for the socialist NDP set-free with a conditional sentence after pleading guilty to theft over $5,000. He did not even receive a criminal record for stealing a $50,000 diamond ring.

We have also seen an explosion of drug use in this country since the liberals took office. Record drug busts by the RCMP are announced all the time. Canadians are getting caught with entire marijuana jungles in their homes. People in the drug trade who manufacture and sell drugs are receiving sentences far too lenient for them to be deterred, given the billions of dollars that can be made in the drug trade.

The liberal response to drug use has been to decriminalize it. They have used taxpayer money to create their own federal government marijuana grow-op in the abandoned mines of Flin Flon, Manitoba. They have used taxpayer money to open up shooting galleries, where heroin addicts can access free heroin and break the law by injecting drugs under the supervision of doctors and nurses diverted from our under funded health care system.

The concept of actually being punished for committing a crime in Canada has become a forgotten concept under liberal leadership.

As Conservatives, we are a practical breed. We don’t believe in wasting all our time and energy on trying to understand criminals. We believe in taking them out of society and locking them up so that they cannot hurt the law abiding Canadians that make up the vast majority of the population.

The Conservative plan to enforce minimum sentences for drug crime is a good example. You break the drug Laws and you will go to jail. You will not get out before your time is served. And, you will not get a lesser sentence than two full years in jail no matter what your lawyer says about your level of remorse.

We have long past the time where tougher sentencing laws are needed to combat the liberal approach to crime that has fostered a growth of drug use in this country.


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