Monday, December 05, 2005

Election Day 7 - $1,200 Conservative Childcare Benefit

The second week of the 2006 election campaign is starting much like the first. Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper today made another major announcement in the Conservative Party’s platform, this time, on childcare.

The Conservative plan calls for the federal government to give parents $1200 per year for every child under the age of six. This money will be paid directly to parents and will apply to an estimated 2 million children of pre-school age.

For those Canadians who may not understand politics, the issue of childcare is the best opportunity to show the difference between liberals and Conservatives.

Liberalism is a left-wing ideology. Liberals believe in the power of government to solve the problems of Canadians. Liberals favor a big government with lots of social programs. The obvious trade off to having a big government is that our taxes are outrageously high. This is the reason Paul Martin gets really upset when Stephen Harper proposes to reduce the GST by 1%. Liberals believe that they alone know how best to spend our money.

Conservative is right-wing ideology. Conservatives believe in empowering Canadians to live independent of government. Conservatives favor a smaller government and lower taxes. This is why Stephen Harper announced a plan to lower the GST by 2% and it is why we favor a $1,200 per year benefit for parents with children under the age of six. Conservatives will implement this plan, because they know that government bureaucrats are not the people best suited to raise our children. The people best suited to raise our children are the mothers and fathers who bring those children into the world.

If Canadians want to use their $1,200 to have their child raised by a baby sitter that is their choice. If Canadian families choose to sacrifice a second income while one parent stays at home to raise a child themselves, that is their choice. If a Canadian family chooses to earn two incomes while a friend or relative looks after their child that is their choice.

Make no mistake; the liberal plan to crate a nationalized babysitting program has one ultimate goal. That goal is to create another government program that Canadians will become dependant on. Bureaucrats in Ottawa will again usurp the role of the parent and gain control over one more aspect of our lives. Liberal politicians will decide who qualifies for a space in their program. Liberal politicians will eventually set all the rules and decide everything, from who can certify to work in childcare to what childcare facilities can get funding.

Make no mistake; the Conservative plan to give $1,200 per year to Canadian families for children under the age of six also has a goal. That goal is to empower Canadian families to make their own choices for their children. Conservatives want to strengthen families and foster independence from government. Conservatives never want to see the day where government workers are the ones to hear our child’s first words or watch our children take their first steps. As Conservatives we believe Canadians are intelligent enough and loving enough to make choices for their children that are best for them.

For parents of Canadian families, this $1,200 is for you.


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