Thursday, January 12, 2006

Commercial Idea - "Military"

The following is an idea for a commercial related to the military ads that the liberal party aired. The liberal ad suggested that if Stephen Harper were elected, the Canadian military would be roaming Canadian cities with guns like some third world dictatorship. There is a good reason why Conservatives want to bolster the military presence in our cities. The following script illustrates one.

Please visit the CBC archives and watch the video of Canada's Armed Forces in Winnipeg.

[Drum music]

[Fade in a black and white photo of Gary Filmon]

In 1997, a Conservative Premier requested a military presence in Winnipeg.


A Canadian City

Soldiers with guns

In our city

In Canada

[Drum music stops]

[Photo switches to an aerial shot of Winnipeg surrounded in water during the 97 flood]

And those Canadian soldiers helped rescue that city from the worst flood in the history of Canada.

To the Men and Women of Canada’s Armed Forces,

Thank you…

…for Standing Up for Canada


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