Saturday, January 14, 2006

Inmates Use Advance Polls to Vote Liberal

The CBC posted a story to their website last night. The story is all about how inmates in Canada’s prisons will be using the advance polls to cast their ballot in this election.

The article goes out of its way to portray the liberal crime strategy as one that gives hope to criminals. Not surprisingly, the CBC portrays the Conservative crime plan as harsh, cruel, and an attack on the human rights of Canadians. It attacks Stephen Harper personally by saying he would further isolate inmates from society by using the notwithstanding clause to take away voting rights from criminals while in jail.

Not once does the article let victims tell their side of the story. Instead, the article is a one sided piece all about the poor criminals in jail, like Leslie Henry, convicted of killing his wife.

Henry touts the classic crime is not a deterrent mantra. According to him, mandatory minimums (a staple of the Conservative crime strategy) will do nothing to reduce crime.

Another inmate, Jeff Powers, had a big red ‘L’ for liberal painted on the side of his head. Powers was jailed for drug trafficking and robbing two pharmacies. He says that he would never vote Conservative, because they plan to tighten up parole rules. Powers then described how his poor old dad committed suicide. His dad was sentenced to a double life sentence back in the days when there was no parole and his father couldn’t live with it. He felt like there was no hope.

Doesn’t that bring tears to your eyes?

There is no question the CBC has a bias toward liberalism and socialism in this country. They constantly bend the news in a way that is pro-liberal and anti-Conservative, but does the CBC really think that this kind of story will turn voters off Stephen Harper and the Conservatives?

The fact that criminals support the liberal party and their love a perp crime strategy says it all.


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