Friday, January 20, 2006

Paul Martin Fears Loss of the Supreme Court

Liberals are in full panic mode at the thought of losing control over the Supreme Court. For liberals the Supreme Court represents ultimate power. It is the power to impose liberalism on our Country without ever asking Canadians for consent.

In the last few years the Supreme Courts has struck down parts of Canada’s child porn laws, redefined marriage and ruled that Canadians have a right to engage in orgies and partner swapping in sex clubs.

This is not the way that a democracy was supposed to work.

It is not the job of Judges to write our Laws, it is their job to enforce them. Just as it is the job of referees to enforce the rules of hockey.

Imagine if some kid tried to take your son’s head off with his hockey stick and the referee stopped the play and simply had a face off. Then when the coach asked why he didn’t give the kid a match penalty, the referee replied:

“I don’t feel that punishment is a deterrent. I’ve given high sticking penalties for 15 years and kids still do it. I think it would be better to get that kid into counseling after the game and see if we can reason with him. If only we can show that kid some understanding and help him to realize that what he did is dangerous and that he could hurt someone, I know we can reform him into a model hockey player”.

Everyone would be outraged at the thought of a referee who thought he was above the players, the parents, the coaches, the hockey league and yes, even the above the game itself.

Yet, in this country we have a problem with Judges that have decided they are above the people, the voters, the elected representatives and yes, even above democracy itself.

Even if Canadians are in favor recent Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage, orgies and child porn, they should be concerned by judicial activism. They should be concerned because judicial activism can cut both ways.

What would happen if the courts declared it a Constitutional right to own a gun? What if Laws preventing Canadians from carrying a concealed weapon were struck down?

Remember, it was only last year that the Supreme Court ruled that Canadians have a Constitutional right to buy private health insurance and paved the way for two-tiered health care. And, because the Supreme Court is the final arbiter in the country on every issue, we as Canadians do not have a say once the Courts have ruled.

The reason Paul Martin and his liberal supporters approve of the Supreme Court and never want to see the notwithstanding clause used, is because at this moment the Supreme Court is loaded with liberal appointees. This liberal Court is imposing liberalism on our nation in a way that no Canadian can do anything about. Liberals are turning this country into what they want it to be and they are doing so without having to ask Canadians for permission.

This is why Stephen Harper is right to point out that an activist Court is the enemy and this is why Paul Martin is so desperate to save it.


At 9:13 p.m., Blogger Warwick said...

Our SCC justices are way too young for the CPC to take over even if they had 3 terms.

They are 100% far-left judges now. You'd have to put 4 conservatives to pull it to the middle and 5 to tip the balance.

Ain't gonna happen. The scum (liberals) are just using it to scare cowardly Toronto voters.


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