Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poor Liberal Media - Conservatives Still Climbing

For two or three days it looked like Conservative fortunes had stalled. Polls that put Conservative support 13 points ahead of the liberals had not changed for a few days despite steady increases since the election was called.

As a result, every media outlet in the country was proudly reporting that Conservative support had finally peaked. In some cases, the media reported that Conservative support was slipping now instead of gaining. What a joke.

The new polls out today show that Conservative support keeps climbing. The latest poll from the Strategic Counsel has the Conservatives 18 points ahead of the liberals! Yes, 18 points!

Here is a link to the CTV article titled, "Tory surge may have peaked, new polls suggest" and watch the video clip titled, "Conservatives continue their surge".

This will be a desperate week for the liberal mainstream media.


At 8:09 a.m., Blogger Mark said...

Hey Michael.

The whole of the media is alite with articles entitled "Tory surge stalled," and the like.

Kinda funny.

At the same time, there are polls out there that dispute the 18% poll. Just goes to show, we can't be overly confident.

The CPC must keep pounding the pavement until the final moment and the guys up top need to stay on message and keep chugging.

"On the plains of hesitation beach the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest, and resting, died." - C. S. Lewis

May it not be said of the CPC in 2006.

At 2:36 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Michael, long time!...Hope your're well.

Things are going great for the CPC and it's well deserved.

There's a crack in the media coverage this time around, it isn't all Lib as in the past. The stench of corruption is just too much for some of them too.

The media in TO, has surprisingly tilted towards favourable coverage of the CPC in many instances. You oughta hear talk radio in Trono now....Never ever heard so much anti-liberal venom around here, like this before.



At 11:40 a.m., Blogger Toronto Tory said...

Things are going well. We need to stay on message this weekend.

.. and when I say "we", I mean it in the same way I would say "we" when I talk about what the 'Leafs need to do to win.


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