Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stephen Harper’s Press Gallery Speeches

Canadians have been told for many years that Stephen Harper is scary, but how many Canadians know that our new Prime Minister designate is funny?

Every year, Ottawa politicians deliver a speech to members of the mainstream media to show off their lighter side. Here are two links to Stephen Harper’s Press Gallery speeches, courtesy of CTV:

2005 Press Gallery speech – This speech was delivered after the failed vote of non-confidence. Belinda Stronach had defected to the liberals. The picture of Stephen Harper in a cowboy outfit had circulated. Gurmant Grewal exposed Tim Murphy after trying to buy votes to save the liberal government.

2004 Press Gallery speech – This speech was delivered after the 2004 election. In that election, the liberals won a minority government after engaging in a classic fear and smear campaign accusing the Conservatives of having a hidden agenda. Stephen Harper closes this speech by making a prediction that ultimately came true.


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